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Embroidery Decoupage

As technology improvements our embroidery machines occur geared up with much more and even more wonderful tools to create our embroidery far more fantastic.

You will discover embroidery companies near me equipment that let you incorporate embroidery styles, shade form your designs, rotate embroidery models, scale and resize your styles.

The ring dimensions on our embroidery devices are unbelievable now…some huge adequate to complete a complete quilt block in one hooping.

But even with all of this technologies, you can find however the panic that we might just place our embroidery layout(s) incorrectly on our task…What if the patterns never line up? What if 1 is a bit angled? Imagine if I do the primary eight embroideries effectively after which there exists a challenge along with the ninth style?

Embroidery Decoupage towards the Rescue!

Fairly to put it simply, embroidery decoupage (a reputation coined by Jenny Haskins) is usually a method that allows you to convert practically any embroidery style and design right into a no cost standing design that will then be stitched for your task in the exact area you’d like it to get.

Sew… let’s get rolling with our new embroidery decoupage procedure!

Position 1 layer of a poly or nylon mesh slice absent stabilizer, and one particular layer of sheer poly or nylon organza, with each other in the hoop. (Generally the organza goes on top, but it surely will not genuinely subject)

Use RAYON thread to sew your design, switching thread colours when you would when you were being stitching right on to your venture fabric. Rayon thread will likely not soften similar to a polyester thread will, so that is an important portion of your embroidery decoupage technique.

When you have finished, you will really need to clear away the excess stabilizer and organza from around your stitched out layout. In the event your embroidery decoupage style is an easy style and design, it is possible to cut it away with nice sharp scissors, however the very best results are realized by using a stencil wand. There are actually a variety of these out there, many of these packaged by using a wide range of interchangeable ideas. Select a suggestion which is slender and pointy (some actually have a curve on them) given that this sort of idea will give the cleanest edge in your embroidery decoupage design and style, and it’ll be the easiest to employ. Once the stencil wand is very hot operate it round the fringe of your design and style, and it’ll melt the nylon or poly stabilizer, but it surely will never melt your rayon thread.

Note: When utilizing a stencil wand for the embroidery decoupage strategy it can be essential the threads are clipped in the front along with the again of the job prior to employing the wand. Recall you utilized rayon thread, since we did not want the embroidery decoupage style and design to melt in the event the stencil wand touches it, so trimming many of the threads would make this section on the embroidery decoupage system go less difficult.

When the surplus stabilizer is removed, utilize a glue keep on with set a little of glue around the back again in the embroidered design and style and place it on the undertaking in the precise site you want it being.

Up coming, use a matching thread, or possibly a monofilament thread along with your sewing equipment to sew the embroidery design in position.

All that is still left now’s to enjoy the ideal placement within your embroidery decoupage job!