Central Rio Grande Valley – Idea for First-Time Dining In Regional Tex-Mex Cafes There

Follow your group to get started on with

Your fellow knowledgeable and fellow Winter season Texans know where to consume. By adhering to their tips, you will discover you in cafés that provide the kind of Tex-Mex foodstuff  http://www.allcateringmenuprices.com/chipotle-catering-prices/ you’re familiar with. These cafes know which dishes to serve both of those to its visiting northerners along with other mixed area patrons.

These cafes will get ready fashionable or Americanized dishes for its more youthful group and browsing snowbirds in addition given that the old-county ones for its native grown ups. Instinctively, their waitresses will not likely endorse menu merchandise to anybody who won’t like them. Just one these kinds of café is definitely the Taco Fiesta in the mid-valley location.

What and wherever is it?

The Taco Fiesta is usually a Tex-Mex Cafe that cautiously caters to its mixed-culture patrons. It’s got a few mid-valley destinations in the adjacent towns of McAllen and Pharr, Texas, where by it attracts on 250,000 individuals, including the snowbirds from 100 nearby parks. Although this cafe is non-smoking and won’t serve liquor, it does have common breakfast and lunch crowds moreover to its meal ones.

A couple of common menu goods (issue to change)


Initial or unique (2 eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, beans, toast or tortillas) $2.99-3.59
Omelette w/cheese, hashbrowns, toast or tortilla $4.ninety nine
Pork chops w/2 eggs, beans, toast or tortillas $7.99
1 Egg & biscuit; biscuits & gravy; short stack w/1 egg; or French toast $1.89-2.ninety nine
2-Combo (2 eggs, two pancakes, two bacon) $3.29

Lunch & Dinner (child’s plates available)

Soups (bowl or cup) – chili or chipotle types w/rice & tortilla $2.59-6.29
Salads – guacamole w/tomato, chef, taco, grilled chicken $4.99-6.99
Burgers w/everything – cheeseburger, double meat, double cheese/meat $3.99-6.89; fries $1.
Sandwiches w/everything – steak; fish; club; or breaded chicken $4.29-5.49; grilled cheese $1.ninety nine
Fajitas w/sides – (served as panchos; tacos; or chalupas) $6.99-7.99

Daily specials w/sides, tea or coffee, dine-in only $5.ninety nine

Monday – chicken enchiladas or meatloaf

Tuesday – beef tacos or fideo con pollo (noodles w/chicken)

Wednesday – cheese-only Mexican plate or baked chicken

Thursday – plate lunch or calabaza (pumpkin/gourd) con pollo

Friday – carne ranchera (thin-cut marinated/charbroiled beef) or mole con pollo (chicken w/thick sauce)

Mexican Meals (child’s plates and desserts available)

Nachos or panchos w/beans, cheese, tomato, onion, avocado, jalapeno $3.99-5.ninety nine
Quesadillas; flautas; chalupas; enchiladas; or tacos (three each, w/choices of ingredients) $5.99-6.49
Mexican plates (cheese, beef, or chicken; taco, chalupa, enchilada, rice, beans) $6.79-8.69
Taco Fiesta plate (enchilada, fajitas, rice, beans, avocado, tortillas) $6.ninety nine, (recommended)
Chili rellenos (chili poblano stuffed w/beef, cheese, sauce, rice, beans; side salad; tortillas) $7.69
Chimichanga plate (large carne guisada burrito w/enchilada sauce, toppings, and sides) $7.89

Steaks and seafood

Chicken fried or hamburger patty (green beans, mashed potatoes, side salad, Texas toast) $6.ninety nine
Pork chops (two, w/rice, beans, side salad, toast or tortillas) $7.29
T-Bone or rib-eye (8-oz, veggies, baked potato, side salad, Texas toast) $12.ninety nine
Fish filet or shrimp (w/select choices of several sides) $5.99-10.99